ScotNepal: भारतीय युवक: गाडी लाइ आफ्नो पाखुराको बलमा यसरी लतारछन .. भिडियो
भारतीय युवक: गाडी लाइ आफ्नो पाखुराको बलमा यसरी लतारछन .. भिडियो

AN Indian teenager has found a unique way to showcase his superhuman strength – by pulling two cars with his shoulder blades. Abhishek Choubey, 18 pulled the two cars with a rope tied to a wooden block that he held in place between his scapula. The teenager from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh in central India claims to be the only boy who can pull two cars with his shoulder blades, and performed his latest stunt hoping to establish a world record. : video source : barcroft TV

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